The fastest, least expensive way to take control of your diabetes

Realtime messaging and tracking for diabetes

Photo courtesy of Pete Davies, Birmingham @petedaviesphoto

Getting your sugar data is only one part of the challenge of managing diabetes

You can have all the data in the world. It’s what you do with it that matters

Record and share how you feel, your activity, or comments on food. Track sugars, carbs and insulin

Login with your loved one, so they don’t have to manage Type 1 or 2 diabetes alone


We’re building next generation diabetes management tools. Tracking and realtime sharing of key diabetes information. Realtime communications channel with your health team.

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Our Mission

We’re making diabetes management more like text messaging and less like a visit to the doctor. We want to change what it feels like for you to manage your sugars by building the best tools available.

We Know Diabetes

Everyone at mumoActive either manages sugars for themselves or for people they care about deeply. And we are going to keep building you better tools so that sugar management is just something you do so you can do other stuff. Not something that keeps you from doing what you want.