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Everyone manages diabetes differently.


But everyone tells us they need their key health information wherever they go.

Clinic contacts. Sugar readings. Medication recording. Insulin pump settings and more.

So Mumoactive has two key features


Notes and quick tracking.

And it’s all secure in your profile.


Leave plain text notes in your app to remember foods at the supermarket, how you were feeling after exercise. When you took your medications.

Write whatever you want. It’s secure and it’s there for you.



Use hashtags to search for your notes later #convenience.

Some people even put in text from word documents so they have their rehab plans on their phones.


Teachers at school


Teachers are using it to keep in touch with parents. Easy. Connected.

Remember to renew prescriptions, with a copy of the prescription in your timeline. Email a copy of it to renew. Put in your pump settings.

High frequency foods go in as well. And no, doughnuts are not the best for high frequency foods 🙂



Spin the wheel and tap the number to enter your sugars, carbs or insulin.

Remember when to change your cannula or whether you injected your long-acting insulin.

Tap the time and scroll back if you forgot to enter it earlier.

Swipe and scroll to have a look at your different inputs and charts. Tap the book icon on the input screen to view your notes.

“So this is truly a life saver! Thank you, thank you! This app deserves awards!”


App Store Reviewer

“Why hasn’t anyone done this before?”


Google Play Store Reviewer

“Fast, easy and convenient”


Google Play Store Reviewer