About Us

We built mumoActive, because we needed it.

Sheldon Steed, CEO at mumoActive, needed a way to help his two young sons to manage their diabetes. It had to be simple, quick, and allow him to stay connected – providing advice, guidance, and the highly important “great job” message.

Sacha Manson-Smith, CIO at mumoActive, has had T1 diabetes for over 15 years. But, he has not let the disease either stop his career, or his passion for road cycling. Sacha heads up development, bringing the best technology to the world of chronic diseases.


We Get Long-term Conditions and daily management

Everyone at mumoActive either has diabetes, asthma, or has a loved one who does.

We didn’t design it to be about tracking every detailed part of your day. Instead, Mumoactive is about connectivity. When families are connected around their loved ones in real-time. When clinicians can be connected with one another around their patients – in a 21st century paperless platform that gives them instant access to the key patient information they need.

We want you to be informed, connected to those involved in your care, and able to get on with what is important – your life!


We Are On A Mission

Our mission is to help people self-manage their long-term conditions through great tracking and communications.

It’s a big challenge, but it’s worth it for us. And it’s worth it for you. We are getting better tools to our users to take care of themselves, and those in their care, every day.

And it all started, because a father needed a way to help his two sons.


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