Had a nice coffee with Adrienne and Jessica today along with Jessica’s grandma. Jess has had diabetes for nearly all of her 15 years, having been on insulin therapy since about a month old.

Adrienne started a number of Facebook groups as well as Children With Diabetes where you can find a host of information about families with diabetes. You can find regional Facebook groups here on the CWD webpage. She also started a summer camp trip for families with a child with diabetes that has been running for nine years.

Jessica has her own blog and you can find her on Twitter here. She says her closest friends know her diabetes really well and can tell if she’s low.

A really inspiring pair, they just get on with managing sugars. Although diabetes is a big part of their lives, they don’t feel like it gets in way of doing what they want. And they seemed more like sisters than mother and daughter.

Jessica is headed to Europe on a school trip in a few weeks. She’s going to use mumoActive to share her data with mum back in the UK and then get back to us to let us know how it went.