So here’s something trivial we figured out.

We  need to moderate carb intake whether we’re type 1, 2 or neither. See this Diabetes UK debate on carb intake if you’re interested. Here’s how we do it with a sandwich:

Cut off the crusts.

You’re saying, “ooh, genius.” But it’s such a great way to manage carb intake.

Our guy was eating a tuna and cucumber sandwich for a total of 28 grams of carb. If our daily target carb intake is about 130g, then we need to make sure that he gets the minimum carbs he needs, but every carb needs to count.

I was looking at the sandwich and thought if I cut the crusts off it would look like my Grandma’s tea sandwiches. I weighed the crusts and they came up to 10g. Boom. That’s an 18g lunch.

If he’s still hungry he could eat another sandwich with the tuna and cucumber for only 36g carb. Plus carrot sticks or whatever.

What do you think?