Had a nice visit with Alexis Bailey last week on a rainy afternoon along the Thames. She told us a bit about her 25 years with diabetes. Though the inconvenience of never having a break from it is something that doesn’t go away, she said that she never feels overwhelmed with having to manage it. Here’s what we got from our conversation with her:

  1. It’s pretty normal for her now. It doesn’t seem at all like a big deal for her to keep on it (though it can be a nuisance). So we can normalise diabetes management.
  2. Schedules make things more straightforward for her. Although her new pump means she has some flexibility with her routine (like if she gets stuck on the tube without snacks), everything runs smoother with a schedule.
  3. She has benefited from type 1 meetups around London. It’s just nice to sit and socialise sometimes with others who know what it feels like day in and out managing blood sugars. (Check out Our Diabetes to find out about tweetchats – a great way to ask questions, give anecdotes and hear from others. Also have a look on Facebook for meet ups near you.)

AND she did a nice little video for us. 🙂