Tim Street from Diabettech has launched an anonymous survey into the use of continuous glucose monitors and flash glucose monitors.

“I have been unable to find any data relating to those who were paying for and willing to pay for the devices as to why they continued to do so, so set out to capture this and provide as large a sample size as I could, with the intent that it informs public spending bodies as to what those who do want to use the products think.”

He has already had 400 people respond to the survey and he said so far the feedback on the use of CGM and FGM has been largely positive.

These devices are able to, not only, provide a reading of your blood glucose level in the moment, but to start providing context as to where your readings have been in the past, and give an idea as to where your diabetes could be going.

This one of the key points we built mumoActive on, that it is important to see how your vitals have been trending over time so you can see the characteristics of your diabetes – understanding whether your health is heading in the right direction, or whether your values are skyrocketing and plummeting dramatically, suggesting that important changes are needed to your diabetes management.

If you use a CGM or FGM, we really would recommend completing the survey to help understand the benefits of these devices and to provide evidence for their continued adoption by the NHS.

You can learn more here.