This month, we’ve completed work on our servers to improve the mumoActive platform.

As someone with a mumoActive Account, you know that you can sync your data across devices, and log into our web app. The work we’ve finished improves our Sync service with amazing results.

We have doubled our server capacity, meaning we have more room to grow our users – so go ahead and invite your friends!

The performance of our servers has also been doubled, meaning we can process work faster and more efficiently.

These improvements benefit all of our current users – yep, that’s you – and give us an even better ability to help even more people to manage their diabetes and to focus on what’s important – living.

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It’s Not About The Technology

Yes, we are a technology company, but it’s not about the technology at the end of the day. It’s about the influence mumoActive has on your daily life.

The better we can track our diabetes values, the more we know what’s going on and how to adjust our management so we’re not constantly fighting complications.

It also means we can bring really detailed information to our doctors, nurses, coaches, and carers so they can help to inform and educate us based around real data, rather than anecdotes and that hypo you had two weeks ago – what did you do that day, again?

This leads to more time for careers, sports, hobbies, and family. That’s why we use technology to provide you the tools you need so you can GET ON LIVING.

Watch this space for further news on even more great developments we have up our sleeve in 2017.