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Android users currently can continue to use their app. We are in the process of relaunching on the Google store for new users wanting to use it. In the meantime, new users can use our web dashboard (in beta) and save the link to the home screen on their android phone.

These videos are for Apple users, but the Android app is pretty straightforward.

Swipe and scroll to navigate

Enter data

Delete or edit an entry

Enter message or data at an earlier time

Create an account

Pen and Pump settings

Cannula change

Note templates

Here are a couple note templates for you. Copy and paste the text into your notes and then edit so it fits what you need.

You can share these notes with loved ones by giving them permission to log in to your account with the Mumoactive app.

Prescription renewal template

Prescription Renewal Request





[Dr. Name

Medical Practice, Address, Telephone]



[2 NovoRapid 100units/ml for injection]

[200 Contour Next testing strips 50 strip]




[YOUR Pharmacy, Address, Phone]

Key contacts:

[Daughter]: number

[Care giver]: number

Next renewal:


Pump settings template

Pump settings


Type: [Medtronic 640]

Serial: [xyz]

Carb ratios: g/U

[12-6am 25

6-9.30am 20

9.30-5pm 30

5-12am 30]

Insulin sensitivity mmol/L per U

[12am-12am: 12]

Active Insulin Time: [4hrs]

BG target: [3.3-10]

Max bolus: [3.0u]

Max basal: [2.0 u/hr]

How to email prescription renewal from the app

Click the “Share” button at the bottom of your note and then click “Email”

If you email your notes, like your prescription renewal, make sure you don’t put confidential information like NHS or secure health numbers. Also, you will need to be sure that your surgery uses email to connect with patients.