Sandie and Hannah sat down to chat a bit about their diabetes. They are both part of the UK diabetes Twitterati, using social media to create a voice of advocacy for improved diabetes care. Sandie has had T1 for nearly a quarter century and Hannah has had it since she was a baby.

If you have type 1 or type 2 there are loads of online forums and discussions for you to learn about managing your health with diabetes. Check these two out on Twitter: @insulinjunkie and @bad_diabetic. Also have a look at @OurDiabetes or search #doc.

If you’re interested these other good content creators come across my Twitter feed with some regularity: @ninjabetic1 @parthaskar, @grumpy_pumper and @LisWarren (she’s had t1 for 50 years!)

<Apologies for the crazy glow. There was a big red wall behind us.>