We think tracking and communications are one key to the future of better diabetes management.

Communications with support networks is key to being encouraged and helped in diabetes management. Families tell us they want a bigger part in managing their parents’ type 2. Parents of children with type 1 want to worry less when they’re not with them. And young people want more independence in their health.

So we just released our latest version of our diabetesĀ app with a messaging interface. Simple and fast sugar entry, carbs and insulin, with easy graphs to see how you have been doing and what you will do next to keep healthy, happy and safe.

Plus the messaging creates a whole new way of managing diabetes because you can record how you feel and message your support network when you’re thinking about diabetes (or trying not to).

Doctors tell us they want to see this as well, so we are building to improve communications between patients and their health team.

Let us know what you think.

The mumoActive Team (We all either have diabetes, or loved ones with it)