The DVLA says test every 2 hours to drive without hypos. We think that’s a good starting point. And we built a tracking app so you can record that data easily, share it with people you love and let your doctors see how things are going.

When you test more often you have a better understanding of how your body responds to the food you eat and how much insulin you want to give yourself. Everyone is different, so tracking means you can take a rough starting point for giving insulin and adjust based on how your body works.

And the body changes all the time. Weather gets hot? There go the sugars. Get the flu? Now you’re going low. Get a cold? Now you’re high. Tracking means you can spot what the body is doing better and faster.

And if we follow the driving recommendations, whether we drive or not, every two hours is a good ballpark to think about how often to be watching sugars.