An over-simplification of diabetes (both type 1 and type 2) is that your body’s auto-pilot around the management of sugar in blood-stream is faulty. Now, you have to run this function of your body on manual mode.

Maybe you have to inject insulin, you have to monitor how much sugar is in your blood, and you have to track how many carbs your consuming.

All things your body would have been doing all day and night long without you knowing before you developed diabetes.

And it’s this process that has a huge affect on how you feel in your general life. And, that’s why it’s so important for you to track.

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The most affective form of management comes from tracking how your diabetes related values are doing throughout the day. That’s blood-glucose, carbohydrates, basal and bolus insulin, your HbA1c and more.

If you can get all of these values as close to in range as possible, then that means that your mood is improved, your energy levels are heightened, and your not struggling with associated complications of diabetes.

That means you have more time and ability to do fun, exciting, adventurous, and fulfilling things in your life.

There’s a lot of distress that can come from not tracking your diabetes – wondering why your sugars are always high, or why you’re HbA1c is out of range, why you’re always feeling tired, etc.

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But, tracking lets you understand what is going on. It let’s you see that when I do this – this happens. It allows you to adjust your behaviour and tactics so your body reacts the way you want it to – so your body can get out of the way.

It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being able to afford to make the odd mistake and have fun!

Diabetes is a bit like your taxes. It can be annoying, but ignoring it only makes things far worse for you. Instead, working with it a little bit at a time everyday can get you on a much healthier path.

Whether it’s spending time with the kids, doing your hobby, playing a sport, or crushing it at work – tracking your diabetes is the enabler you’re looking for.

It’s even better when you share this tracking with the people who care about you – friends, family, and healthcare professionals.

That means you can work as a team, your loved ones can be reassured that you’re doing fine, and your healthcare professionals can coach you around your data.

Our Clinical Director, Dr. Patel, says that being able to talk around her patients’ diabetes data is revolutionising how she can work with her patients.

It’s the same for you. Tracking can revolutionise how you feel.

If you’re new to tracking, it’s fine for you to forget to add some information. Just get back up on the horse and get tracking again.

We’ve made mumoActive to be a simple and clear way of tracking your diabetes health. It’s quick, simple, and secure.

But, this isn’t an ad – we just want you to track, because we know how good it’s been for us, and for our loved ones.

We love seeing what people can do when they are able to get on living.

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