Need asthma information?

Start here. Your consultants want you to have the best chance possible to self-manage your asthma.

Sara Nelson, RGN, MSc, QN
Programme Lead, Children and Young People’s Programme
Healthy London Partnership – Transforming London’s health and care together

London Asthma Toolkit

Check out the London Asthma Toolkit for information on how to manage your asthma.


You will need tools to manage: asthma and activity trackers.


Use mumoActive to track the metrics recommended by Asthma UK: peak flow (highest of three readings), when a relief inhaler is used, breathlessness/wheezing, if asthma wakes you up during the night or when asthma interferes with your normal daily routine. Share it in realtime with your family or your consultant.

Pacer and Human

Get these activity trackers so you can see how much you walk around.


Parents and Carers

Get information for parents and carers here.

Asthma in Schools

Find guidance and practical resources to support teachers and school nurses to care for children with asthma here.